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Congratulations ... It takes real courage to take the risk to be a home builder,  land developer  and/or invest in multiple units of real estate in any market.  Profit margines are tight for both builders, developers and investors.  In my profesional life I have been all three a home builder, a land developer and a constant investor and I've been crazy enough to do all in the same project.  Needless to say, I clearly understand that cash flow can be an issue.  Due to my experience in the industry, I obviously empathize with your challenges.  This is exactly why we created this service just for you.  This program will assit your marketing department expose your product to as many potential motivated buyers as possible for the least amount of money.  Surely, the purpose of marketing is to expose your product to the widdest market possible while attempting to maintain as many in house sales as your you can and USA List For LEss will do that for you! 

We can help you do this by both MLS exposure as well as Internet  exposure (The World WIde Web).

For builders and developers we create a bulk rate listing for both MLS services and World Wide Web exposure so contact us now so that we can determine exactly how to meet your unique business needs and requirements.




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