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Choosing to rent a property, whether you current home or a long running investment property is an important decision.  With that being said, since you have chosen to rent your property, USA List For Less has developed two time and money saving products just for you!!!

Many sellers in today's challenging real estate market are going in at least two directions at the same time.  First, they are advertising their property FOR SALE and many times home owners are also advertising their property FOR RENT, simultaniously.   The common sense idea here is to simply get the home off of your financial plate by opening up your options to multiple opportunities ... Very Smart !!!

If you are interested in marketing your property for sale as well as for rent, click the Sell and Rent button below for discount pricing.   All you have to do is select the specific Seller's Program that fits your needs in addition to the Rental Option and you will receive a Sell / Rent bundle discount.

The Rental Package Includes The Following :

  • For Rent Yard Sign
  • 90 day Multiple Listing Posting ( MLS )
    • One main photo
    • Plus 4 additional photos (Five Photos in Total)
    • Extra Photos maybe added at $10 / photo
  • USA List For Less Web Posting
    • One main photo
    • Plus 4 additional photos (Five Photos in Total)
    • If extra photos are purchased for the MLS, they are also posted on USA List For less
  • Complete Web Package - including multiple web sites like:
    • and more
  • Custom Description - Text provided by you
    • If no text is supplied then standard text will be submitted
  • Rental Agreement Forms
    • Standard Rental Agreement
    • and Disclosures. 






If you would like any of the extra features and benefits please press the get started button.   Shortly after completeing the form a List For Less representative will contact you to verify all of the information.   At this time you will be able to add any of the follow, make it easy features!  Would you like to Get Started Now.

Assistance with Rental License with local Government
      Supply Local Forms

Complete Local Forms and Submit
(not including governement fees)

Standard Rental Agreement and Disclosures

      Competed Form - Data Provided by You - $199
      Completed Form - Review over the Phone - $299
      Completed Form - Review in Person (LFL Office) - $399

Lock Box
- 90 Day Rental
      Combination Lock Box
      Refundable security deposit of $50
      Electronic Lock Box
      Refundable security deposit of $150

Pre - Lease Tenant Verification

      Back Ground & Full Credit Check with all 3 credit reporting agencies.
      $100 - Per Adult Applicant - Signer of the Lease 

Prepare a Standard Rental Agreement
- Only Included with a Rental Program
     List For Less agent to prepare the lease with the terms and conditions provided by the land lord

       List For Less agent will review the lease with the Land Lord by phone (30 minutes maximum)

American Home Sheild Warranty




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